Thursday, June 23, 2011

17. Bike picnic.

Yesterday Trevor and I fulfilled our role as "Provo's Favorite Couple," (as named from the stage by #100block denizen and brilliant musician, Cody Rigby) and we went on a cute date.


I'll tell you.

First, we picked up photos at Allen's, and then we went grocery shopping at Harmon's. Some of the items we bought included: tomatoes, ciabatta rolls, 2 Stewart's sodas, peaches, bagels.

Trevor took me home, dropped his car off at his house, and rode back to my place. I made rosemary chicken sandwiches with tomato and lettuce, and we put them, the sodas, some cookies, and our peaches into Trevor's backpack. I ran upstairs, changed into my swimsuit and a T-shirt, and then we walked out.

We rode our bikes down the river trail until we came to a spot that Trevor refers to (in an appropriately hick-ish voice) as "The Swimmin' Hole." After tweeting something cute about how cute we are, we ate our picnic on the edge of the river, and eventually we climbed in.

The river is freezing. FREEZING. Trevor went in first and then I climbed down and put my toes in, and then my calves, and maybe I got my thighs in a little, too. To be honest, we just shivered in the water for a good 20 minutes, gave up, and got out.

We started riding our bikes back to my house when we stopped at a park and took a nap for a little while. When we got up, Trevor noticed that I had a flat tire (which explains why I'd been going so slow/ breathing so hard for the past several hundred feet). We couldn't fix it, so we started walking our bikes. On the way home, we stopped at La Ranchera, a Mexican market, and we got popsicles and two terribly picturesque Mexican cokes, which we put (you guessed it) in my bike basket.

Cute cute cute. We walked and talked about very deep things all the way home.

The end.

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  1. Just read this one. "cute cute cute" - ha so funny.