Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He takes my picture a lot.

I am dating a photographer, and sometimes my life feels like this:

Photo credit: Justin Hackworth
Even though I'm woefully camera shy, he still manages to make great pictures of me.

I'm going to try to blog for all of June. I'm also going to write a poem today. Did you know I have 48 subscribers? Thank you, Google. Thank you, subscribers. You are nice.


  1. so my brother was listening to you the other day and I walked in and said, "hey, i know her. she's good huh?" and he said, "WHAT?! WHY IN HEAVENS NAME HAVEN'T YOU INTRODUCED ME TO HER?!!" he's sixteen, mind you. and i'll tell him you're taken :)

  2. So I'm Maddie's little sis, and I feel kind of stalker-ish reading your blog, but it is so darned cute, and so are you! :)

  3. Paige: Hahahaha! I'm glad your brother likes my music. I'm planning a really cool candlelit show in a park on June 25th, and if you guys want, you should come! I'll send you the FB invite. :)

    Maddison's sister (Taylor, right?): Aw, thank you! Your sister is a stellar girl, and I'm sure you are too! :)